Domaine de la Vigne Blanche in Geneva

Le Domaine de la Vigne Blanche, de grands crus d'exception à deux pas de Genève

Seul ou entre amis, venez déguster nos 19 vins genevois. Pour un accompagnement, contactez-nous !

Nos vins genevois vous ont séduits ? Notre carte de commande est téléchargeable sur notre site.

Pour partager notre amour de la terre, des évènements sont régulièrement organisés au Domaine.

Une véritable harmonie entre nature et viticulture vous attend au Domaine de La Vigne Blanche

Activities at the estate

Being as close to nature and the people surrounding usas possible.

Originally,the Domaine de la Vigne Blanche did not have any vines. Now, we wish to continue with agricultural activity. This enablesus to monitor the passing seasons.
Sharing our valuesand the products of our terroir is a commitmentwhich we hold dear. This is why the Domainede la Vigne Blanche has subscribed to different Swiss agricultural programmes.Moreover, we organise differentevents every year.


At the Domainede la Vigne Blanche, we work 25 hectares of arablecrops. We favour sustainabledevelopment and carry outcontinuous crop rotation with four different crops.
Hence we grow sunflowers,soy, wheat, barley, colza or garden-pea fodder crops.
The cereals and oilseeds we sell are labelled.

Next to the cultures, the Domaine de la Vigne Blanche has around ten poor grassland areas.With their high diversity, these grasslands are very important for biodiversity in the canton ofGeneva. Plants and flowers indigenousto Geneva grow there freely.
Concerned about the quality of our products and about sharing them with as manypeople as possible, the Domaine de la Vigne Blanche subscribes to differentprogrammes, agricultural and wine-growing associations.

You will also be able to come to the estate each weekand pick up your orders of local basketsof food and fruit, whichhave been delivered/given away without an intermediary. In factwe are an open collection place during the day for the TerrEspoir Foundationwhich is concerned with fair trade between Switzerland and Africa and for theonline shop Espace-Terroir which favours local farm produce in the canton ofGeneva and its surrounding areas.

Collection point

Programmes and labels


 (Genevan Association of Independent Winegrower-Producers)


Thereis nothing better than directly contacting people to share the products ofour terroir and our values. This iswhy we regularly organise publicevents at the Domaine de la Vigne Blanche.

Cologny Parks Marathon (run)

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Practical information

Route de Vandoeuvres 13 1223 Cologny

Mon - Fri 17:00-19:00
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