Domaine de la Vigne Blanche in Geneva

Le Domaine de la Vigne Blanche, de grands crus d'exception à deux pas de Genève

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Pour partager notre amour de la terre, des évènements sont régulièrement organisés au Domaine.

Une véritable harmonie entre nature et viticulture vous attend au Domaine de La Vigne Blanche

 Outstanding vintages ofunique character in Cologny.

A few words from the winegrower...

Domaine de la Vigne Blanche - Sarah and Jean Meylan - Geneva Within ashort distance from Geneva,our vineyard, the Domaine de la Vigne Blanche supplies a widerange of very high quality Swiss wines, which have been cultivated from 7.5 hectares of vines spread over four terroirs. We are offering you the chanceto taste no less than a total of 19white, rosé and red wines, some of which have been awardedmedals and awards.

Overlooking the harbor of Geneva with an incredible view of the jet d'eau fountain,our estate also has 25 hectaresof arable crops,where we produce different cereals andoilseeds, as well as 10 hectares of grassland.

During the 1940s, Jean Meylan, the farmer who worked with his father inGrand-Cologny, moved to the farm, which was later called the Domaine de laVigne Blanche.

Domaine de la Vigne Blanche - Engraving - GenevaOriginally, only agricultural activity, crops andlivestock supported the estate. Our wine-producing did not begin until the start of the 1970s when Roger,Jean's son, planted the first vine onthe estate.

The name of the estate is quite apt because in an old 17th-century landregistry plan, the terroir which hadjust been planted had already been called "En La Vigne Blanche".

Jacques Lacombe, the former manager of the restaurant Le Lion d'Or in Cologny,ordered our first bottle, which was served in 1973.

My father, Roger Meylan, resumed the wine-producing operation of the Domaine dela Vigne Blanche in 1979. Since then, the estate has kept expanding.We are true winegrower-producersand quality wine makers, and vinify ourwines ourselves.

Since 2002, Sarah Meylan Favre has worked alongside Roger as a fantastic oenologist.

The wines which we produce on four terroirs,La Vigne Blanche, La Réserve de la Commune de Cologny,La Tour Pressy and LaCardamone, reflectour image, close to nature and the terroir.They are robust,full-bodied, fine and authentic, and have an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée andbear the Vinatura label

Although we are passionate about wine, we are also lovers of the Earth and manage around ten areas of poor grassland whichin ecological terms is of high quality thanksto which we protect the diversity of plants and flowers indigenous toGeneva. 

Open Wine Cellar Day, 1st of August Brunch and marathons (runs), the numerousevents which typify daily life on our estate.

Whether alone, as a couple or in a group, come and tasteour wines which havebeen produced from many differentgrape varieties. Package or wine-tasting guide by appointment only!

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Route de Vandoeuvres 13 1223 Cologny

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